Toronto, CN Tower: view over downtown skyscrapers Chris via Compfight                                          Chris Devers via CompfightCentral Hong Kong

At the moment i am in Hong Kong for a holiday. i was also in Singapore for 5 day and i am here in Hong kong for 7 day and i am currently on my second day. in Singapore i went to lego land and universal studios. At lego land the was a water park. Universal studios was really fun as well as lego land. i also did luge witch was really fun. i did that twice. i also did lots of shopping. i haven’t really done a lot in Hong Kong yet. so that is what i have done so far on my holidays.


4 thoughts on “My Holidays

  1. Hi Jacob,
    Your holidays seems great, I would like to go to Singapore again and K would love to go to Hong Kong it seems to be fascinating. I like your post it was great. Keep it up.
    Feel free to visit my blog at
    Bye, from Shenalie
    P.S see you back in class later

  2. Wow, Jacob it looks like you are having heaps of fun. What is the weather like in Hong Kong? Are you staying in a high rise hotel, the buildings look pretty amazing! What is the currency in Hong Kong?
    What has been your favourite meal? Can’t wait to hear more from you. Take care! Mrs L.

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