On Monday the 13th of July I went on camp to MT Evelyn. They had 6 activities witch were giant swing, leap of faith, low ropes ( we were meant to do high ropes but it was to wet), circus skills, flying fox and damper making. The food was amazing there it was really yummy. In my cabin I had Jason, Flynn, Brody, Joseph, Benedict and I. The second night we had red faces I did a comedy act with Thomas, Nick, Francesco and I. We got a score of 19.IMG_7455 These was the people in my cabin.

4 thoughts on “Camp

  1. Hi Jacob,
    Camp was really fun!!
    It looks like you had most of your friends in your cabin!!
    My favourite activitie was definitely the giant swing because it went really high up in the sky!!!
    You should come visit my bog sometime at:
    From Sarah

  2. Hi Jacob,
    you must have had a great time from camp. I wish I was there.

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